Erik R. MacPherson

Founder & CEO

Erik MacPherson is the founder and CEO of TMC Digital Media, a full go-to-market agency. He dedicates his business life to helping foodservice companies better aligning sales & marketing to drive revenue.

Erik has over 20 years of B2B sales & marketing experience and a passion for lead generation. He enjoys empowering sales people with the intel and tools they need to be über successful.

What really gets Erik excited is helping companies create their eco-system of marketing & sales processes, setting them up for long-term growth.

HubSpot Certifications: Inbound, HubSpot

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Partner & Chief Content Officer

Chad Stamm, partner and Chief Content Officer at TMC Digital Media, employs results-driven content marketing strategies that attract and nurture leads through the buyer’s journey.

A veteran of the foodservice industry, Chad has created and managed content for hundreds of manufacturers, reps, dealers, suppliers, distributors, vendors, brokers, and end-users. To each project, he brings a combination of agency experience, a strategic and tactical marketing background, and an editorial familiarity that is unique in a marketer.

Chad is also a dedicated member of Rotary International. He serves on the board of directors for the Boulder Rotary Club and is the outbound chair for the district’s youth exchange program, his volunteering passion.

HubSpot Certifications: Inbound, HubSpot, Content Marketing

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Brian Shearer, Inbound Marketing & Sales Consultant at TMC Digital Media, brings with him six years of experience in digital production and media content creation. Brian’s background working in athletics fuels his desire to produce the very best results for his team. With his past work in video operations, Brian possesses the technical tools to tackle inbound marketing.

HubSpot Certifications: Inbound, HubSpot, Content Marketing

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Arty Vee TMC Digital Media Conversational MarketingARTY VEE

Conversational Marketing Manager

Mr. Vandelay is a jack-of-all-trades. Before entering the workforce, he lived in Greenwich Village where he penned his famous novella, Venetian Blinds. After several years in the kitchen at Minetta Tavern in order to sustain his Beatnik lifestyle, he put his foodservice knowledge to good use and became an architect specializing in restaurants and commercial kitchen design.
Following a decade of kitchen design, he turned his attention to stocking them with exotic ingredients. As an importer/exporter of classic Mediterranean foods, he developed a strong background in digital marketing, as well as a love for fine wine. Eventually, he teamed up with Gary Vee to consult on a digital wine sales library. This is where he gained his nickname, Arty Vee.
Arty is proud to bring his talents and good humor to the Core Four at TMC Digital Media, where he serves as the Conversational Marketing Manager.





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