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Why Is TMC Digital Media in the Foodservice Industry?


In a recent speech, the Founder of The Nexgen Group, Michael McQueen, provided a lot of important nuggets on how organizations are changing in the 21st century. As we read through his speech, we couldn’t help but think about the foodservice equipment industry and how it, too, is changing.

There are some who might argue the industry is what it is. It’s already established. Processes are etched in stone. The “channel” will never change. Business models will never change. People will never change. To that, we echo the sentiments of Jack Welch:

“The moment the rate of change outside an organization exceeds the rate of change within it, the end is near.”

In his 20 years as the CEO of General Electric, Welch tenured an increase in the company’s value of 4,000%. He did this not by shunning change, but by welcoming it. Embracing it. Using it to make his company better and to reach a wider audience.

Other companies have done the opposite. Take Kodak, for example. In his speech, McQueen talked about Kodak’s lack of focus. Instead of zooming in on why they existed, they chose to frame themselves by what they did. In short, a company known for preserving memories was left behind because they were so hell bent on how those memories were preserved. Instead of listening to what people wanted, they tried to dictate it.

Is it any different in the foodservice equipment industry? Will there be companies so entrenched in the process of how they currently generate leads and sell that they fail to actually sell and generate as many leads as they could? Not if TMC Digital Media has anything to say about it.

By now, many of you have probably seen our name – in your inbox, at a tradeshow, or perhaps even in person. Maybe you know the full extent of what we do. Maybe you think we’re just a website company. Maybe you think we’re a bunch of vodka swilling monkeys working out of a garage. Well, let us tell you what we actually are.

TMC Digital Media is here to change the way marketing provides support to sales in the foodservice equipment and supply industries. It’s as simple as that. The job of marketing is to find and nurture leads until those leads are ready to buy. At TMC, we look at that process from a 21st century perspective. But what exactly does that mean?

Today, people go to the web to find answers to their problems, to read reviews of products, and to get advice on what, when, and where to make a purchase. They’re consuming digital information that affects their buying patterns, and someone is producing that information. Shouldn’t it be you who influences your buyers?

By attracting new visitors to your website with valuable information, converting that traffic into new leads with innovative software, nurturing and closing those leads into new customers, and then delighting the heck out of the customers you have, only then will your web presence be used to its fullest potential. Would you ever open up a restaurant and then keep the doors locked during business hours? This is essentially what happens when a company doesn’t maximize its presence on the Internet.

Inbound marketing is a 21st century strategy. We understand it’s not the norm in the foodservice equipment industry, and we understand it’s our responsibility to educate people on why the marketing cookbook is changing. We get the need for tradeshows and phone calls. We know many companies have an old school way of looking at sales and marketing, but when you limit your business exclusively to traditional methods because they worked in the past – in effect, rejecting change that can benefit you in the future – you run the risk of becoming another Kodak.

This isn’t fear mongering. It’s the truth. The change in marketing is something we cannot change. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to these 21st century strategies in an industry that could use a 21st century upgrade. Consider these facts:

More people on Earth own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. Every second, two new people are signing up on LinkedIn. And if you want to see something really crazy, check out this live counter showing how many Google searches have been conducted today (as we’re writing this at 5:30 p.m., there have been more than 3 billion). These are all new threads in a society that has changed the way it communicates, receives information, and then uses that data to make informed decisions.

Change is going to happen whether we like it or not. And as Charles Darwin observed, it isn’t the strongest or most intelligent that survive. It’s the ones who are most adaptable to change.

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